Plan Ahead with East Coast Leisure and Reserve your 2023 Spring Pool Chemicals Now.

The pool industry has not been immune to the supply shortages seen in recent months.  The pool and spa industry has experienced raw material shortages, rising costs and great demand for the many products that we sell. With this we are continually searching for options to help our customers get the supplies they need for a healthy pool. 
The pool and spa supplies are often purchased seasonally and is difficult to forecast when the rush on supplies will occur. For this reason we are reaching out to our customers to reserve your supplies ahead of time. This will let us know the demand that we will need to fill and for our customers and will reserve your supply of the limited stock that comes in.
There is no fee to reserve your Pool or Spa Supplies now and you will not be billed for supplies until you receive them. You will be contacted when it is time to purchase your supplies to arrange purchase and delivery or pick up. 

Reserve your  Chemical Kits

Salt Generator Spring Kit
  • 40lb Salt
  • 1 qt Commercial Phosphate Remover
  • 25lb Alkalinity Plus
  • 24lb Shimmer Shock
  • 25lb PRIME
  • 7 Way Test Strips
Simple Salt Recharge Kit
  • Simple salt Replacement Cell
  • 25lb PRIME
  • 8pt Vivid
  • 16lb Shimmer Shock
Simple Blue Spa Recharge Kit 
  • Simple Stick
  • Spa Manager
  • 1lb Power Boost
  • Fresh Start
  • Jet Blazt
  • 1lb pH Buffer
  • 1lb Spa Power Cal
  • Simple Blue Test Strips


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