East Coast Leisure has been in business since 1984.  We have sold hundreds of different pool models over that period of time.  Many styles have been discontinued in general it is difficult to find AG pool parts for pools over 10 years old.  We stock a very limited amount of common parts. Everything else needs to be ordered from the manufacturer. In-season shipping can take several weeks or more It's not uncommon for the manufacturer to be backed up 6-8 weeks in the spring and summer.  In order for us to help process your parts needs in an efficient manner. We request that you submit your information below (parts and warranty submission button below) as well as pictures of the parts so that we might be able to identify the pool model and part(s) needed. 

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AG POOL STRUCTURE warranties are thru the manufacturers however, East Coast Leisure is CAN assist as a third party rep. to help process claims.  You will need to submit your information below.  Please be aware that  In-season shipping can take several weeks or more It's not uncommon for the manufacturer to be backed up 6-8 weeks in the spring and summer.  

A WARRANTY IS NOT ACCEPTED UNTIL THE MANUFACTURER REVIEWS THE INFORMATION PROVIDED.  Acts of nature such as damage from wind, erosion, penetration from a tree branch, animal, vegetation, or any foreign object is not considered a manufacturers defect.  Corrosion from salt or chemical use is not covered under warranty. Any metal surface exposed (coatings have been scratched) or edges or the wall including the cut outs for the skimmer and return fittings that are allowed to deteriorate until the wall has lost integrity will be limited to the parts considered "defective" any further damage caused from a collapsed wall, is not considered warrant-able. All approved warranty claims are for the specified parts only.  Freight for parts,labor, water, equipment, removal of damaged products is not covered under the manufacturer's warranty. East Coast Leisure offers a Simple Clean and Premium protection warranty that can be purchased with new pools sold after 2018 (see your contract for details).  

AG POOL LINER WARRANTIES are on seam separations. This is where the two pieces of liner have been heat welded together at the factory.  Punctures are not covered under warranty.  most liners can be easily repaired with a liner repair kit that can be used under water.  Liner warranty claims after the first season, must go thru the manufacturer.  

ALL OTHER WARRANTY CLAIMS  such as pool cleaners, water care systems, heaters, pumps, and filters will be addressed on a case by case basis submit your information below.  

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