Swim Spas
A hybrid between a swimming pool and heated spa, swim spas can be used year round for a variety of functions from exercising to relaxing. Whether you want to swim, workout or just enjoy a hot soak, a swim spa offers the perfect alternative to a traditional swimming pool. Enjoy the benefits of a swimming pool all year long from the privacy of your own home. 
Swim spas come in a variety of sizes to suit different budgets and needs. A compact 12ft. Swim Spa can fit into tighter spaces while providing an efficient and affordable training platform.  Larger swim spas, up to 19ft models allow for more hydrotherapy seating to give you not only a swim/exercise lane, but multiple seating options to enjoy the Spa with friends and family. With many sizes available you can find the swim spa to suite your needs.
How does it Work?
Swim jets at one end of the spa provide an even swim current in varying force to counter the swimmers forward momentum.  The current is also beneficial for resistance training for a low impact workout. Attach rowing arms for an upper body workout or use a tether for a more vigorous workout.